About us

Our story

BOKI FOOD SYSTEM was founded in 1994. In the beginning, a small shop and a buying station give positive results and a starting point for forming a strategy of progress and directing the company to production activities related to fruit and vegetable processing. Within that broad sector, we have created our business policy, which is the production and marketing of high quality products.

Our history!

  • Prodavnica 1994


    In the beginning, a grocery store and the purchase of agricultural and forest products.

  • Susasa 1995


    Construction of the first fruit and vegetable dryer in Prokuplje. 

  • Proizvodi


    We are expanding to coffee processing and packaging of granular and powdered products.

  • Hale


    Boki food focuses its business on production activities related to fruit and vegetable processing.

  • Jagoda u gajbe


    The first cold store is opened, and the company starts buying berries.

  • Sajam zimnica


    We are expanding the list of products for homemade roasted pepper ajvar.

  • Dzemovi


    In addition to the sour product, we are introducing a sweet program. (jams and compote)

  • 2019.

    Construction of a modern refrigerator.

Our mission

The business of the company “Boki food” is based on the production and marketing of high quality fruit and vegetable products.

○ Consumer- By expanding the range of high quality products.
○ Employees – Improving working conditions by encouraging company development.
○ Social communities – increasing production and creating new jobs.
○ Environment – Respect for environmental regulations and principles

Our vision

The company “Boki food” will be one of the leading companies on the domestic market in the field of production of premium fruit and vegetable products.

HACCP food safety system



      HACCP  is a food safety system based on the analysis and control of potential biological / microbiological, chemical and physical hazards to which raw materials are exposed, possible hazards during handling, production, distribution and consumption of the final product. Its application implies adherence to standard operating procedures and instructions that reduce food safety risks.

Our products comply with the HACCP standard since 2013.