About us

Our story

Our story begins in 1994 when BOKI FOOD SYSTEM was founded. Starting as a small retail store and purchasing station, we achieved positive results that served as the foundation for developing a growth strategy and redirecting the company towards fruit and vegetable processing activities. Within this broad sector, we formulated our business policy, which focuses on the production and distribution of high-quality products.

Prodavnica 1994
Shop, 1994.

Our history!

Founded in 1994 by our current owner, Dejan Joksimovic, our company had humble beginnings as a retail and grain collection station. As time passed, we evolved and expanded, establishing the first drying facility in the Toplica district. Since 2002, we embarked on a journey of crafting homemade preserves – a tradition we continue to uphold today. Our recipes, steeped in tradition, reflect the culinary heritage passed down through generations, capturing the flavors and practices of our ancestors. Our legacy is deeply rooted in these time-honored traditions, encapsulated in every jar we fill with passion and dedication.

Our mission

At ‘Boki food,’ our mission is dedicated to the production and promotion of high-quality fruit and vegetable products. We strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • Consumers: Our purpose is consumer satisfaction. We continuously expand our range of high-quality products to meet their needs and expectations.
  • Employees: We create a work environment that fosters the development and advancement of our employees, supporting them in achieving their professional goals.
  • Community: We are committed to increasing production and creating new job opportunities, contributing to economic growth and the well-being of the communities in which we operate.
  • Environment: We adhere to the highest environmental standards and principles to protect and preserve the natural environment for present and future generations.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a market leader in the production of high-quality fruit and vegetable products. We aspire to continual growth and expansion of our business, offering consumers the finest tastes of nature. We also aim to set an example of sustainable business practices, caring for the well-being of our employees, and contributing to the communities we serve. Through innovation, a commitment to quality, and environmental responsibility, we strive to make a long-lasting impact and remain known for outstanding taste and integrity.

HACCP food safety system

Our commitment to food safety is of paramount importance, which is why we have adhered to the HACCP standard since 2013. This means that we carefully analyze and control every step in the production of our products to ensure their safety for consumption. This includes rigorous monitoring of temperature, adherence to hygiene standards, as well as quality control of raw materials and final products.

Our advantage in implementing the HACCP system allows us to confidently provide high-quality products to our customers. Food safety is our top priority, and we do everything necessary to ensure that every bite of our products not only delivers exceptional taste but also the safety and trust you deserve.


Celebrating our commitment to excellence, we are proud recipients of numerous awards and accolades, including recognition at the prestigious Novi Sad Agricultural Fair. Some of our notable achievements include:

  • Grand Gold Medal for Fefeoni Hot Peppers in 2007.
  • Gold Medal for Pasteurized Pickles in 2007.
  • Gold Medal for Pasteurized Beets in 2008.
  • Gold Medal for Homemade Mild Ajvar in 2008.
  • Silver Medal for Extra Pickles in 2008.
  • Gold Medal in the national cuisine, preserves, festive cakes, and desserts competition in Niš in 2011.
  • Plaque from the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Niš for outstanding business results in 2011.
  • Grand Gold Medal for Raspberry Jam in 2015.
  • Gold Medal for Strawberry Jam in 2014.

These awards exemplify our unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality products, and we’re delighted to share these achievements with our valued customers.